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The Changeup by Rhonda Shaw

The Changeup (Men of the Show) - Rhonda Shaw

I've never been averse to May-December romance, and it's refreshing to read its kind where the heroine, who is the older one here, acts like a messed-up teen while the hero is like an old man with a good, thinking head on his shoulders.


Chase is a nice change from the overbearing alpha I've been reading lately. He's mature and not cocky at all. If it isn't for the way he acts near the end of the story, he's a Gary Stu through and through—a likeable one, mind you. Maddie, a damaged and abandoned single mother, becomes an amusing/annoying (depends on how you take her character) mess when she melts down and shuts off Chase. Nothing wrong with her, really, but I feel her character is a tad uninspired at first. The conflicts that arise are predictable (to me, at least), as is the climax. Still, a pretty decent quickie you [probably] won't regret reading.


I like Karen and Jerry. I'm hoping to read more about them…and their story, if there is one. (Oh, I'm pretty sure there is. Instant chemistry here, as far as I'm concerned.)